ticketXchange I (tm) (tXc-100) - This is the base machine in the ticketXchange line. It was designed with simple functionality and minimum space (footprint) as its highest priority. The tXc-100 interfaces to any host ticketing system to make up a slot ticket redemption system for redeeming ticket in- ticket out (TITO) tickets. The tXc-100 also doubles as a bill-breaking kiosk. Either function can be active or disabled, as the casino prefers.

The customer display is a 3 line LED capable of displaying simple messaging and status reports. An IR-remote control device is used to monitor cash levels and facilitate fills.

The tXc-100 includes 3 coin hoppers and a four-cassette currency dispenser. The standard machine also includes a JCM bill acceptor with a 1000 note stacker. A journal printer logs all transactions and maintenance. A high capacity UPS is included to minimize downtime and prevent short-pays.

ticketXchange II (tm) (tXc-200) - The tXc-200 offers the same functionality and capacities as the tiXC-100 with the following additions and/or changes. The LED display used in the tXc-100 is replaced with a 15" ELO touch screen customer display. The touch screen display also is used for maintenance routines and fills. A card reader used to access service routines is also installed.

ticketXchange III (tm) (tXc-300) - The tXc-300 offers the same functionality and capacities as the tXc-200 in a different (lower profile) cabinet style.

For "Ticket In - Ticket Out" slots we offer ticketXchange™ (model IC-341) which is our bar-coded slot ticket redemption machine, or kiosk, which also offers bill breaking capabilities to exchange large bills for smaller denomination bills.

For Slot Ticket Redemption, slot players can insert their bar-coded slot tickets into ticketXchange™, which takes the serial number off of the ticket, sends it through your system to get the ticket validated. Upon validation from your system, our machine then dispenses cash and coins to your customers.  If casinos want player point redemption functionality, casinos will have the option to have us come in and upgrade their ticketXchange™ kiosks to the newer, touch-screen casinoXchange™ kiosks.  We will enable the existing kiosks with a touch-screen monitor and add the player point feature without the casino having to throwing away any of their initial investment.  The costs of adding player point functionality will be relative to costs of hardware and software that we can quote separately.

Bill Breaking Feature:  In addition to redeeming slot tickets, ticketXchange™ also breaks bills from large to small.  For a $100 bill, the customer will receive five (5) twenties, and for a $20 bill they will receive four (4) five dollar bills.  This is another reason that ticketXchange will reduce your lines at your cage, while your employees will also be able to exchange large bills for small in their change wallets.

Systems: ticketXchange™ can work with any approved slot ticketing system. Go to the “Approvals” section, to learn what systems we are currently compatible with. Software does need to be written for each system, so if you have a ticket system that isn’t one of the mainstream systems, please let us know who they are so that we can begin working with them now.

Features: ticketXchange™ (model IC-341) Slot Ticket Redemption Machine includes:

  • Accepts Bar-coded Slot Tickets and Cash (capacity 1,000 pieces)
  • Advanced Controller w/Serial or Ethernet Interface
  • Front Loading / Service
  • $100, $20, $5, $1 & $.25, $.05, $.01 payout
  • High Capacity (4 x 2,250 bills + 3 x 800 coins)
  • Easy to read VFD Display
  • Secure IR Communication Port
  • Remote Monitoring and Service Control
  • Built-in Printer
  • High Security Compact Cabinet with two (2) locks
  • Capable of a Bill Change Feature: $100 to 5x $20 and/or $20 to 4x $5
  • High Volume / Reliable Components
  • Designed for Easy Maintenance and Service

Warranty: 90 days from date of delivery

Training: We will provide a service technician to install your ticketXchange™ equipment and provide detailed, one on one, or group instruction and training for a minimum of three (3) or more days as needed. The costs of travel, room and board will be the responsibility of the casino.  If you have a hotel and restaurant, this will help reduce your cost of providing for the technician’s travel costs. If the technician is required for more than four (4) days, labor will be charged at our normal shop labor rate, which may include overtime, if needed. 

Procedures: Upon request, we will provide ticketXchange™ some examples of internal control procedures that other casinos have written for their own ticketXchange™ installations, which will assist you in writing your own controls, which you will have to have in place prior to the delivery of the machines to your casino.  The controls that other casinos have written will include procedures for handling low cassettes, empty machines, customer dispute claims, key control, etc., all the things that you will need to operate your kiosks effectively.

Manuals:  ticketXchange™ kiosk manuals will come with each machine, which will include technical information, and procedures of operation.  They are also available upon request, prior to the installation for those who request them.

Dimensions: ticketXchange® has about the same footprint as a slot machine. It is 24“ Wide X 24” Deep and 59” tall. Candle is 6” tall, for an overall height of 65”.  Add eleven inches for a custom cabinet or metal cap kit, should you want additional signage.

Additional Information: This is a front-loading machine, with easy access to all aspects of the machine for maintenance purposes. The entire cash dispenser sits on a drawer and rolls out for servicing.  A UPS (uninterrupted power supply) comes with each ticketXchange™ kiosk, so that power outages will never interrupt a transaction. 

Riverboats:  For riverboats that require coast guard fire specifications, please give us a call, and we will get them for you.   We also offer round and/or square metal cap kits with backlit signage.  These cap kits replicate the look of the wooden custom cabinets in the photos on this site, for added visibility, but are made of steel so that there is less combustible material that the wooded custom cabinets, for those who need to meet Coast Guard combustibility requirements.

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