jackpotXchange(tm) (JXC-100) - The jXc-100 connects to the casino jackpot system for the purpose of automatically dispensing cash in the amount of a requested jackpot. The casinos jackpot system is directly interfaced to the jXc-100. It uses the same currency dispenser as the tXc series. The coin hoppers are similar with a lower capacity of a minimum of 400 coins per denomination. The denominations are the same. The jXc-100 includes a printer capable of printing W-2Gs, and a receipt printer. The jXc also includes a touch screen monitor, keyboard and card reader. There is no bill acceptor. There is space in the JXC to locate the jackpot systems CPU to connect to the above printers and monitors so that the jackpot system functions in its normal independent mode. A high capacity UPS is included

jackpotXchange is our jackpot payout kiosk, designed to automate the function of paying jackpots, print jackpot slips and generate reports associated with casino jackpot payouts.  This kiosk is designed  to will enable your casino to provide a faster jackpot service to your customers, while providing the casino with a higher lever of internal accountability and security. 

This product communicates with your system bi-directional, allowing accounting and processing of jackpots to be accounted for on both the systems side and from printed reports generated inside the machine. 

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