dollarXchange™ is a bill-breaking machine designed for the casino floor. This machine, or kiosk, does not redeem tickets. For that, you will need to look at ticketXchange™, or casinoXchange™.  This machine is not upgradeable to slot ticket redemption, but can be sold based upon the premise that we will offer a fair trade-in toward any other Xchange product, over the first two year period.


dollarXchange™ performs one function only, which is to break casino customer's large bills into small bills (notes).


Because casino key and change people perform this same function for casino players, their wallets become depleted of small bills quickly during peak times in a casino.  They can use the machine to break the large bills down from their wallets, to keep their wallets filled with small bills, by using dollarXchange, or ticketXchange machines to break bills.  This way they don’t need to access change banks or go to the cage to replenish their wallets, allowing them to spend more time on the floor.


dollarXchange™ comes with a two-bin currency dispenser. Each currency cassette holds up to 2,500 bills. This is rated on new bills, and we suggest that 2300 bills may be more realistic for used currency capacities.


We recommend that you order one (1) extra bill stacker for the bill acceptor and two (2) extra bill cassettes for the cash dispenser, so that you are not handling bills out on the floor and can replenish the entire machine at one time.

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