casinoXchange I (tm) (tXc-400) - The tXc-400 adds additional functionality to ticketXchange series. A second printer is added for the purpose of printing vouchers used in point redemption, or other applications that are developed. A 3-track card reader is also installed to provide versatility needed to read various card formats.

A second processor is used to interface the tXc-400 with the casino rewards system. The ability to redeem player points to a voucher is one added functionality. The rewards system is independent of the money-handling portion of the CXC. Speakers are available to the reward host in the machine. A high capacity UPS is included.

casinoXchange II (tm) (tXc-500) - The tXc-500 offers the same functionality as the tXc-400 in a different cabinet style.

casinoXchange is a touch screen monitor version of ticketXchange, with a player card reader and a voucher printer, which allows players to access their player point accounts, and view the casino's redemption options at remote locations on the floor. In addition to slot ticket redemption and bill breaking, your customers will be able to redeem their player points for cash, slot tickets, vouchers for services, such as restaurants, golf course packages, whatever you care to offer. ticketXchange has been engineered to allow you to easily upgrade to the multi-functional casinoXchange kiosk at a later time, should you only need the ticket redemption and bill breaking features of the ticketXchange at this time.


Continuing as the casino industry's redemption kiosk leader, Western Money Systems introduces the industry's newest casino redemption kiosk technology, offering fully operational, multi-functional services to casino players, such as Player Point Redemption, Bill Breaking, and "You Are Here" casino floor map diagrams and more. Casinos can easily upgrade from ticketXchange™ to casinoXchange™ without throwing away any of their initial investment. Now casinos can select more than just one kind of kiosk for their floor. In addition to ticketXchange™, the "utility player" of casino ticket redemption kiosk, you can add another dimension of service to your customers, with our new multi-functional casinoXchange™ kiosk, which can be customized to compliment any casino decor.


Since 1982, Western Money Systems has been the casino industry's first choice in money handling products and services.

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