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TriCut 2000L

tc2000.gif (68857 bytes) Three Sided Envelope Opener/Stacker for the Intensive Sorting and Handling Application
White mail, also known in the industry as exception mail, is a unique challenge to the remittance processing and document processing industry. Some clean, high speed mail solutions generate high volumes of exception items with a side-folded check or folded correspondence in a standard size business reply envelope. Alternatively, white mail is represented by mixed and varying contents in mixed size envelopes. Contents such as triple folded documents and/or folded checks are vulnerable to being cut when standard industry mail opening solutions or high speed opener/extractors are used. Repair and reconstruction of important information may be necessary, costing extra time and processing costs when slitters are used.

Ultra Sytems Optional Precision "mill cutting technology" removes material from an envelope edge measured in thousands of an inch. The specially designed milling cutter pods found on the Ultra TriCut 2000L removes as little as .010 to .015 inch from the envelope edge in the form of a tiny paper chip. This process is accurate, controlled and adjustable. Mill cutting leaves a soft feathered edge on the envelope, preventing cut fingers, hangnails and prevents damage to envelope contents. Opening the envelope on three sides eliminates the need for empty envelope inspection.

The TriCut 2000L may now be ordered with optional mill cutting pods at any one, or all three sides.

Mill Cutting Option
Mill cutting minimizes contents damage.

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