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Most 2000
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Most 2000 High Performance Exception & White Mail Solution

The Most 2000 processes a wide variety of mixed mail, both exception/remittance mail and white mail with full-page documents and/or remittance documents and checks. Each envelope is opened on 3 sides with a minimum of material being removed from the envelope by our unique mill cutting technology. The opening process protects the integrity of the contents by eliminating damaged or cut documents. The integrated scanning process further protects the contents by capturing all the data at the earliest point of touch in the mail processing workflow. Eliminate costs by consolidating multi-department functions. Capture the image of each item in an envelope. Link all imaged contents together in your system. Now, no matter who generates an inquiry, all items related to the transaction including the envelope, can be easily and efficiently retrieved.

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Most 2000 will:
  • Reduce Labor - Most 2000 consolidates the opening, prepping and scanning step
  • Eliminate Damaged Contents - The exclusive mill-cutting technique opens mixed size envelopes and facilitates content removal for perfect image capture of the contents
  • Maintain Integrity of Envelope and Contents - Captures all images as soon as they touch the enterprise. Speed up access to mission critical information
  • Reduce Training and Overall Cost - Cross train operators to perform mail opening and scanning functions so both processes may be performed by the same operator reducing labor cost of processing

Other Benefits of the Most 2000:

Document Imaging Options
(Full Page/White Mail)
  • Manual indexing
  • Automated indexing
  • Data Capture/Data Extraction (OCR/ICR)
  • Document/Envelope Capture
  • Workflow

The Most 2000 can optionally initiate workflow as documents are opened and scanned. Through the use of OCR/ICR, schedules and processes can be initiated to move documents and data automatically through the enterprise utilizing rule based instructions.

Ultra Systems will tailor a solution to meet your exception mail processing needs. We offer a wide variety of unique solutions to handle the mail opening and scanning requirements of your remittance processing, white mail, and exception mail applications.

Check Imaging Options
(Exception Mail)
  • Checks (MICR/CAR/LAR)
  • Stubs/Remittances/Renewals (OCR/ICR)
  • Full Page/Invoices/Envelopes
  • Use optional bar code printer to link check to exception down stream


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