Get More Cash Flow From Your ATM.

Triton has created a new package of services that makes our ATMs irresistible to store owners and even more profitable for you. It is called Triton Waves, which stands for Triton With Added Value Enabled Services.

Simply put, Triton Waves is a unique collection of consumer services that increase the opportunity for transaction fees. Through strategic alliances with name-brand service providers and a healthy dose of Triton ingenuity, we can now help you offer a service package that no one else in the industry can come close to matching.

To assist you in getting your program started, Triton has crated a checklist of items that need to be considered when installing a Triton Waves enabled ATM.

  • Triton is currently available on Triton U.S. versions of the 8600 Series, 9700 Series, 9100 Series, RL5000 and FT5000 ATMs.

  • Check with you Triton representative to make sure you have the latest Triton terminal software version for your ATM.

  • Contact the Triton Waves provider(s) with the service you wish to enable. They will provide you with the contracts necessary for program implementation.

  • Enable the Triton Waves transaction(s) on your Triton ATM. (Note: If you are utilizing the check cashing service a payport maybe required.)

Contact your Triton representative to gain a full understanding on how you can get more cash flow from your ATM.

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