The TDM-100 features automatic error recovery.  This allows the mechanism to slow and adjust movement to fix a jam automatically without having the ATM going out of service.  The new TDM-100 maximizes security of the cash and at the same time minimizes the number of steps and complexity in cash replenishment for merchants.  The TDM-100 is designed with a shorter feed-path for currency to move through the dispenser, requiring minimal upkeep.

Triton has achieved many milestones with respect to testing and troubleshooting dispenser mechanisms. Triton has developed one of the most rigorous testing procedures in the industry.  This experience and knowledge base has assisted Triton in designing and producing the TDM-100.  With the introduction of this mechanism Triton becomes a fully integrated manufacturer, allowing Triton to maintain reliability throughout the ATM and reduce the overall service and maintenance costs of our ATM

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