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SC50 Series

The Model SC51TIK contains a ticket dispensing mechanism with a magazine that holds 6000 fan folded tickets. It also contains one bulk loading coin hopper for dispensing change if necessary. The owner can easily set the ticket price (up to $99) and the number of tickets to be dispensed for each denomination of bill accepted. (example: Ticket price is set for $4.75. The customer inserts four ones and seventy five cents and receives a ticket. The customer can also insert $5 and receive a ticket and $.25 change.).

To maximize owner confidence, high performance optical and magnetic sensors are combined with advanced technology to deliver a better, more accurate acceptance of genuine currency. Flexibility of security levels allows the owner to determine the level of security desired for each denomination of bill and the ability to restrict the acceptance of selected denominations.

Model SC51TIK shown with
optional base and coin acceptor.

Accumulate value setting up to $99.  RS232 interface for hookup to computer or other type of compatible machine. 
Socketed e-prom software provides the owner with an easy method of upgrading for currency changes or program enhancements.  Built in battery with a 10-year life maintains memory during a power loss.  Personal Identification Number (PIN) allows owner to maintain control over many important functions, such as the audit and program.  Hand held Data Terminal provides valuable information on a two line, 32 digit read-out in English, Spanish or French.  Transport system is  precisely engineered to eliminate jams and provide smooth dependable operation.  Bill Stacker will stack up to 800 bills  Ordinary maintenance does not require special tools, expensive or high tech equipment.  Maximum security heavy duty steel cabinetry, with two Medeco plug locks. with a front opening door. Hopper is easily accessible from front of machine.  Extensive testing combined with quality control assures accurate, reliable performance.


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