Shear Tech EN-5500(E) 

The EN-5500(E) is a small table-top, high speed, heavy duty MICR encoding station designed for Batch, Proof of Deposit (POD) and Exception Item check processing. Integrated inkjet endorser is available on the EN-5500E version of the encoders. 
EN-5500(E) MICR Encoder
  • High speed (48 char/sec), high quality MICR printing.
  • Designed for high volume processing.
  • Easy to program.
  • Detachable stacker.
  • Flash Card - Allows saving of programs.
  • RS232 port for PC control.
  • Ribbon - Shear Tech proprietary MICR ribbon required.
  • Standard batch program included.
  • Standard P.O.D. program included.
  • Standard exception item program included.
  • Journal printer - 24 column dot matrix.
    EN-5500E ONLY
    Same as the EN-5500 (above) PLUS:
  • Endorser - Ink jet, dot matrix.
  • Keyboard programmable endorser.
  • 50 Selectable endorse lines.
  • Endorser ink jet colors: Black, Red.
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