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Cage Equipment

Pop-Up Cassette
Model Number: BHC-111
Never lift a bag of coin again! Simply take bags from the Jet Sort, place from one to ten on the E-Z LIFTER cassette and that's it. The system automatically lowers and raises to place every coin bag at your reach. Cassettes can be moved with up to ten bags by one person. They can also be locked with up to ten bags in them and still permit an accurate count.
Powered Cassette Lifter
Model Number: BHC-300
The New Cassette System has been created for ease of hopper fills, bank buys and redemption centers.
What makes it unique is that the Power Cassette Lifter is part of a fully engineered system, that permits a 100 pound person to lift a fully loaded 250 pound cassette from the floor and place it on a special BHC-710 Power Cassette Transport or in the NEW Cassette Indexer.

On-board 12V charging system
Raise/Lower switch
Cassette Transport
Model Number: BHC-700
Powered Cassette Transport
Model Number: BHC-710
The self-powered BHC-710 has infinite speed control, both forward and reverse. Unit has a built-in battery charger compatible with any 110 volt system. With just one hand you can easily move 6 cassettes, each with 10 coin bags. Raise and lower the cassette from the floor to the cart using our BHC-300 Power Cassette Lifter.
Cassette Indexer
Model Number: BHC-801
It's the newest, neatest most accessible way to store filled cassettes. Simply take them from the Jetsort and place in the self-powered indexing cabinet in the back of the main cage. It's a convenient way to sell full cassettes to the slot department, main vault or hopper fill crew.