The Ramsey Company has earned the reputation for producing quality office equipment for document and data processing, and item storage and transport. Check trays, Trucks, proof transit cases, carrying cases, racks, bulk filing cabinets, vibrating joggers, mailroom equipment, work stations, check processing.

Vibrating Joggers



Syntron Electromagnetic

Vibrating Joggers





The Model J-1 is a special 2-pocket tilt rack that is perfect for small banks.  Unit aligns checks, statements, and bill notices.  It also settles contents of envelopes for automatic mail opening.  It will hold up to 750 checks at one time.  Overall dimensions:  13⅛" high x 8⅛" wide x 9" deep.  Shipping weight is 35 lbs.







MODEL J-50 (4 OR 6 BINS)




The Model J-50 features a 4-bin hardwood maple rack mounted at a 45 angle.  Each bin is 4⅜" wide.  This unit is excellent for aligning checks, tab cards, time and payroll cards, and can be used to increase the capacity of sorters, readers and other data processing machines.  The shipping weight is 90 lbs.
















The Model TJ-2, equipped with 8- or 12-bin tilted racks, can increase the efficiency of modern high speed sorters by reducing the "jam rate" of checks and tab cards.  When equipped with the 12-bin rack, this double-action jogger can align up to 6,000 pieces at one time, depending upon stack thickness.  Shipping weight for the 8-bin rack is 178 lbs., and 185 lbs. for the 12-bin rack.







Portable Stands





The optional portable stands for the J-50 and TJ-2 permit easy moving of joggers to any part of the shop of office.  A combination stand and jogger is particularly useful in those offices having data processing or microfilming equipment, small mimeograph or offset machines, collators, and folders.


The stands are constructed for durability with a tubular steel frame and rubber casters.  Two of the casters are equipped with a lock for holding the stand in position while the jogger is in operation.


Dimensions for the stand for Model J-50:  27" high x 24" wide (at base) x 24" deep (at base).


Dimensions for the stand for Model TJ-2:  24" high x 21⅝" wide x 16⅛" deep.

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