The Ramsey Company has earned the reputation for producing quality office equipment for document and data processing, and item storage and transport. Check trays, Trucks, proof transit cases, carrying cases, racks, bulk filing cabinets, vibrating joggers, mailroom equipment, work stations, check processing.




Standard color:  Ramsey Gray (unless otherwise specified).


Sorter Racks






A free-standing rack with 8 or 14 pockets. It fits in front of the MRS-90 sorter.  A combination of these racks will adapt to 14-, 22-, or 30-pocket machines.  Dimensions:  8-pocket unit is 30" long x 10" deep x 33" high.  14-pocket unit is 52" long x 10" deep x 33" high.












A free-standing rack with 8 or 12 pockets.  It fits behind the NCR sorter.  Dimensions:  8-pocket unit is 31" long x 47" high x 11" wide; shipping weight is 40 lbs.  12-pocket unit is 46" long x 47" high x 11" wide; shipping weight, 50 lbs.  Available in NCR beige finish.











Racks for the General Electric check sorters will accommodate 7 Ramsey trays.  The rack is mounted on 2" diameter rollers and can be easily rolled into working position or out of the way for service.  Dimensions:  68" long x 57" high x 24" wide.  Shipping weight is 150 lbs.  Available in blue finish.








Sawtooth and Flat Racks are available for the Unisys 9100, 9190, DP1000, DP1800 series of sorters, in modules of 4 pockets, to a total of 32.  To increase capacity, simply add on.  Note that Flat Racks do not hold a full complement of trays.  Color is Unisys blue or black.


Sawtooth   Flat


(Trays must be undercut)

Ramsey Model # Capacity   # of Sorter Pockets Ramsey Model # Capacity

9104 4 tray   4 3404 4 tray
9108 8 tray   8 3408 8 tray
9112 12 tray   12 3411 11 tray
9116 16 tray   16 3414 14 tray
9120 20 tray   20 3417 17 tray
9124 24 tray   24 3420 20 tray
9128 28 tray   28 3423 23 tray
9132 32 tray   32 3426 26 tray







Racks are mobile and fit in front of IBM, BANCTECH, NCR, and REI down loading units.  They hold a double row of 12" inch long trays (Model #1090) enabling separation of smaller batches of work.


Model # Capacity Dimensions

DL-6 6 Trays 35"H x 23"D x 28"W
DL-10 10 Trays 35"H x 23"D x 46"W
DL-14 14 Trays 35"H x 23"D x 65"W


Staging Area Racks




Ramsey's Staging Area Racks provide temporary storage in a neat and orderly fashion.  The racks hold 16 Ramsey Standard or Shallow trays.  Dimensions:  80" long x 22" wide x 38" high.






Utility Racks





#SR-15 and SR-40:  Brings documents into better view for processing by hand, and avoids the constant adjusting of the follower.  Particularly useful for reconciling and inserting control documents.  Each rack weighs 6 lbs.










Keep documents, checks, envelopes in view with 10-tiered rack.  Dimensions:  9" wide x 9" deep x 9" high.  The Desk Organizer weighs 7.0 lbs.












For use with NCR and Unisys sorters, the tray rack attaches to the machine with a wing nut and clamp.  It weighs 6.5 lbs.












For use with CRT reject re-entry, it weighs 2.5 lbs.










Free standing, it has an adjustable height 31" lowest and 41" highest at lower front edge.  2-tray capacity holds approximately 7000 items.  Use with encoding/proof macjines and related equipment.  Standard color:  dark gray baked enamel.  Shipping weight 42 lbs.  #6002









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