The Ramsey Company has earned the reputation for producing quality office equipment for document and data processing, and item storage and transport. Check trays, Trucks, proof transit cases, carrying cases, racks, bulk filing cabinets, vibrating joggers, mailroom equipment, work stations, check processing.

Carrying Cases



Standard Construction:  High-Density Polyethylene, unless otherwise noted.

Standard color:  Black.  Custom cases available.




#1004 this cases acts as its own tray.  It has a heavy-duty lock, a take-apart hinge, and the lid lifts off completely. Dimensions:  20" long x 5" high x 9" wide.  Check capacity is 3750, and the case weighs 6.0 lbs.





Two-Tray Capacity




#1005 this case, equipped with a lock, holds Standrd or Shallow Trays, separated by a middle shelf.  Dimensions:  23" long x 11" high x 11" wide.  Check capacity is 7500; and the case weighs 9.5 lbs.






Three-Tray Capacity




#1006  this case, equipped with a lock, holds 3 Standard or Shallow Trays.  Two intermediate shelves separate the trays.  Dimensions:  23" long x 17" high x 11" wide.  Check capacity is 11,400; and the case weighs 11.5 lbs.








Bulk Transport



#1007 this heavy-duty case is made of 0.10 thick polyethylene.  Rollers enable one person to easily handle heavy items.  One lock is at each end, and a catch is in the center.  No shelves.  Dimensions:  24" long x 12" high x 15" wide.  The case weighs 16 lbs.


#151 key for Carrying Cases #1004, 1005, 1006, 1007 (2 keys with each case).





Courier Case



#3000 this case, equipped with a keyed lock.  It has no separators, and top-loads.  Dimensions:  15" long x 12" high x 12" wide.  The case weighs 15 lbs.








3890 Cassette Cases



#3890-1 holds one cassette.  Dimensions:  23" long x 4" high x 14" wide.  Shipping weight is 7 lbs. (pictured, top)








#3890-4 holds four cassettes.  Dimensions:  20" long x 14" high x 6⅝" wide.  Shipping weight is 14 lbs. (pictured, bottom)







Tape Cases



#8RC eight-reel capacity, designed for 2400 ft. tapes in tape seal.  Case dimensions are 12" long x 12" high x 11" wide.  Shipping weight is 9 lbs.





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