The Ramsey Company has earned the reputation for producing quality office equipment for document and data processing, and item storage and transport. Check trays, Trucks, proof transit cases, carrying cases, racks, bulk filing cabinets, vibrating joggers, mailroom equipment, work stations, check processing.

Bulk Filing Cabinets



This steel cabinet gives a clean, neat appearance to temporary storage areas.  Cabinets are also available with swing-out doors with locks.  Finish is baked enamel.  Cabinets are available in any color.  Each 55-tray cabinet provides storage for 211,200 items.  Dimensions:  75" high (includes wheels) x 56" wide x 22" deep.  Shipping weight is 295 lbs. without doors, and 328 lbs. with doors.







44-Tray Storage Cabinet



These steel cabinets are available with or without sliding doors.  (Those with doors are equipped with locks.)  Each cabinet provides storage for 168,900 items.  Dimensions:  76" high (includes wheels) x 48" wide x 25" deep.  Shipping weight is 235 lbs. without doors, and 280 lbs. with doors.








Bulk File Work Station



The Bulk File Work Station has a 30" x 30" top with a recess for a tray that enables operator to work in comfort.  Height is 28"; shipping weight is 70 lbs.






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