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Maximailer System

PFE's Maximailer System brings a new level of productivity and efficiency to the mail room, with cycling speeds of up to 4,500 per hour. The Maximailer can be configured to almost any application, from a single document, up to a highly sophisticated multi-station installation, offering 1-9 station capability.

The graphical display and operating software, guide you simply through creating and running the most complex of applications, even allowing the document containing the address to be at any station.

The Maximailer is a highly flexible system, designed and engineered for performance, reliability and exceptional value.

The Maximailer has a large, simple-to-use graphical display and control panel, which guide you through every step of operation. By remembering your most common document types, the Select’n’Go function will enable you to program new jobs in seconds. Up to 20 applications can be saved and recalled by name. 

Advanced Document Control (ADC)
Advanced Document Control allows for high speed collation of document packs resulting in high levels of productivity on multi-station applications. Documents are controlled by a Permanent Track Drive System, which provides consistent, reliable collation and insertion. The ADC System is constantly running without any start/stop action, eliminating any high mechanical load and increasing durability and reliability. The feeding and transportation of documents is controlled via software and the permanent drive reduces wear on the components. 

Up to 4,500 filled envelopes/hour

Key Features
Select 'n' Go 
1-9 stations (6 feeders and 3 sheet feeders) 
‘Daily Post’ function for hand feed items 
Handles paper from 16lbs to 1/6" thick booklets 
Collates packs up to ¼" thick 
Fully automatic fold and envelope settings 
20 User programmable job memories 
Cycles at up to 4,500 envelopes per hour 
Advanced Operator Interface 
Advanced double document calibration 

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