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PFE Flatmailer

PFE Flatmailer... the complete large format inserter. Perfect for inserting booklets, catalogs or even specialty items, the Flatmailer accommodates a variety of paper sizes, shapes and envelopes. 
Optional components include collate units and a booklet feeder. Collate units can be configured to add from six to twenty bins of collating capacity and include both double document detection and and misfeed sensors in each collate bin to ensure smooth and continuous machine operation. 
The machine can accommodate hand-fed materials. When this function is utilized, the machine automatially adjusts to the speed insert items are fed into the machine. 
The PFE Flatmailer continues the tradition of excellence you expect from PFE... flexible, quality, easy-to-use paper handling equipment for today's office.

Up to 3,600 filled envelopes/hour

Key Features
Stand-alone inserter for semi automatic inserting 
Collate bins come in either six or ten bin capacity 
Two 10-bin uniits can be connected, offering twenty bins oof collating capability 
Booklet feeder can be added to simply inserting catalogs, magazines or brochures 
Booklet feeder and collate unit can be added to offer both types of inserting 
Only one collate unit can be used when a booklet feeder is employed 
Intelligent accumulator with PC control can be added to do variable batching up to 80 sheets

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