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Only PFE Puts You In The Zone

The Automailer 5 Plus is simply the most cost-effective, flexible and serviceable Folder/Inserter machine ever made. PFE has incorporated all of its technical knowledge and expertise to combine the productivity of a high-speed production Folder/Inserter system with the user-friendly features of desktop models. A PC Touch Screen makes setup a breeze. Most job changes can be set up in under two minutes! And it's considerably quieter than other Production Folder/Inserter systems. With the Automailer 5 Plus, you get the best of both worlds. Whether your organization processes a few hundred letters per day or requires consistent, around the clock production, the Automailer 5 Plus offers total flexibility. System configurations range from a simple 2-station machine to a highly sophisticated 16-station installation. The design is entirely modular, allowing feeders and folders to be fitted at any station. It requires far less operator involvement than most other Folder/Inserter systems. And, with remote diagnostic capabilities via modem, help is just a phone call away. When it comes to maximizing your mailroom productivity, nobody does it better than PFE.

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