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AS 100



At PFE, we have developed a simple to use solution which allows you to maximize your time, to improve your efficiency and to automatically print, fold and seal your one page document. You can also eliminate the need for metering or applying a stamp, by printing a pre-paid postage mark (PPI) directly onto your document. Save up to 30% of your costs by processing your documents in one easy step without the requirement for an envelope!


Why not use, alongside your existing laser printer, a PFE EasiSeal, or FastSeal machine? Your choice will depend upon the types of documents that you are currently processing. From low security documents such as letters and general information, to high security documents such as pay slips and W2ís, PFE can now offer a low cost solution!

Both products are small, fast and quiet desktop units that can be used off-line in stand alone mode, or be physically connected to a laser printer.

No more folding and no need for envelopes as the AS100 EasiSeal prints, folds and seals your documents. It creates a mail piece that can be opened easily by the recipient without damaging the form. The EasiSeal mailer is the low cost alternative for processing Direct Mail and general correspondence. Your savings could be over 30%!

A Wide Range of Mail Applications

  • Appointment Notifications 

  • Return Mailers 

  • Direct Mail 

  • Renewal Forms 

By using the plain cutsheet EasiSeal Pressure Seal laser paper, you can now create your form in a single operation. Alternatively, your stationery or form can be personalized to carry your corporate branding. 

The complete solution for Document Finishing.


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