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Javelin™ is our high quality desktop card personalization system. This card printer is full color, ideal for a wide range of identification purposes from access control, membership and promotion to visitor cards and badges.

Javelin™ J420 is the perfect solution for high quality, on-demand identification and access control card printing.

With its 300 dpi resolution it ensures exceptionally sharp print quality, and the cards take as little as 5 seconds in monochrome and approximately 25 seconds to print in full color.

The Javelin™ J420 offers dual sided printing with a unique flip-over capability that allows you to print on both sides, edge to edge. Add a clear or holographic overlay applications for added security.

With its compact, light weight design and Windows compatible print driver, you can use the NBS Impressions almost anywhere with almost any Pentium PC- important considerations for small office or temporary location applications.

A simple, powerful and perfect solution for photo identification and access control card printing and personalization.

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