Coupled with the MICR V Encoder, the Autofeed Module will increase throughput and expand the processing window for deposit preparation and reconciliation. MICR encoding checks as a by-product of adding and processing check totals allows you to reduce your check processing fees and improve your cash position.

In a single pass, the MICR V encodes, lists, updates totals, and optionally endorses each check. The optional endorser meets Regulation CC requirements for "Bank of First Deposit." Batch Encoder software configurations help further streamline the MICR V's operation. Your Maverick Representative can program each application "on-site" to accommodate custom requirements. To achieve the benefits of dollar amount pre-encoding, processing deadlines must be met with minimal impact to your operator or operation. The MICR V Encoder combines speed and ease of use with a small footprint to achieve these goals. The accurate and reliable MICR V maximizes the savings generated when you dollar amount, pre-encode your checks.

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