Maverick’s Hybrid is an affordable MICR encoder, reader and imaging system designed to replace today’s Microfilming Technology and provide tomorrow’s requirements for electronic check imaging. With digital check imaging, you no longer need to procure film media and wait for it to be processed before you know if an image is good. Digital check imaging provides you with real time viewing of each item image while you process your Batch or Proof of Deposit (P.O.D.) work.

This system will allow you to take advantage of the Federal Reserve Bank’s initiative to reduce paper payments by moving checks electronically. Electronic Check Presentment (ECP) with imaging reduces the cost of your deposits and improves operating efficiency. You can select a simple Archive Retrieval application or an application that allows you to send a MICR code line file, electronic cash letter or captured image files.

Maverick’s Hybrid system connects an image based module, which includes a magnetic read head, large capacity ink jet endorser and dual cameras, to a MICR V series encoder. Proven "stand alone" Batch or P.O.D. applications in the MICR V combined with proven PC based image Archive Retrieval software provides your institution with a one-pass system that balances transactions and minimizes paper handling.

To achieve the benefits of dollar amount pre-encoding, processing deadlines must be met with the least amount of impact to your staff and operation. The Maverick Hybrid system combines speed and ease of use to help you achieve your processing goals.

In a single pass, the Maverick Hybrid system encodes, lists, updates totals and optionally endorses each check. The optional endorsement meets "Regulation CC" requirements for "Bank of First Deposit." Items exit into the imager module where the MICR code line is read, and the item may be optionally endorsed and imaged front and back.

You no longer need to be concerned about documents lost in transit or bad film, simply back-up your images on the hard drive or archive them on a CD. Either way you have the item image. Simple and efficient, this MICR-Image system has a suite of applications for you to choose from. 

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