The Fast, Compact and Affordable Image Capture Solution

Maverick's M-52 enables Financial Institutions to streamline check processing workflows by capturing check images at the branch while performing traditional P.O.D. operations at regional centers.

The M-52 increases operational efficiency by capturing the MICR code line and check image at the point of payment transaction, thus reducing paper handling.

Depending on your strategy, the M-52 fits nicely into a remote or distributed capture solution that eliminates or reduces courier runs, thus saving time and increasing funds availability. 

Captured check images enhance data integrity and improve security of the transaction, in the event paper checks are lost or stolen while in transit.

  • FAST - Scans front & back up to 60 checks per minute. MICR code line captured, endorsement printed, while scanning one check per second.

  • COMPACT - Needing less than 5" x 9" of space, scanner easily fits into small areas.

  • AFFORDABLE - The M-52 is priced favorably for Point of Payment capture applications.

  • SIMPLE INTEGRATION - The M-52ís standard USB port provides plug and play connection.

  • Check Scanner, Manual feed
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