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Beltloc™ Kit
If you would like to add a locking system to your current posts, we can supply you with a new fully automatic metal locking system with screws and a new label. This kit is available for all Beltrac® systems and is easily field replaceable. 
Belt End Assmbly


Our easy to assemble belt end assembly, is sold in packs of 10. 

Replacement Mechanism


We have made it easy to replace belt mechanisms so our customers can quickly change belt colors or silk-screened messages.

Replacement Mechanism with Beltloc™


We offer replaceable Beltloc™ belt mechanisms so our customers can quickly change belt colors or silk-screened messages.

Cover Plate


Changing your cover plate for a new look is easy. We offer cover plates in wrinkle black or charcoal gray.

Cart & Post Transporter

Even fully loaded, our 16-post transporter moves with ease. Its rugged design includes non-marking bumpers and non-marking gray heavy-duty wheels as standard features. 
30"W x 54"H

Available for standard belt - 7' Beltrac® only.

Emergency Breakaway Device


This emergency breakaway clip is designed to release the belt under specific tension in the event of an emergency. 

Belt Silk Screening

Belts can be silk-screened for display of logos and/or messages to reinforce corporate brand. Available in a variety of belt and silk-screen colors.

Traditional Post Accessories

Floor Socket


Similar to the below 545/2 with a ¼" lip. Now available in stainless steel. Ideal for cement surfaces!

Regal Removable Post


Our regal removable post stands 38" tall and offers a classic traditional style.

Floor Socket


The floor socket mount supports a removable post with the strength of a permanently installed post. When the post is not in use, the flush cap seals the socket opening. 

Tempo Removable Post


Our tempo removable post stands 36" tall and combines style with a moderate price.

Wall Plate


This wall plate is designed for a flat surface mount and comes in a variety of finishes.

Tempo Removable Post


Our tempo II removable post stands 36" tall and features a continuous loop design for “on the fly" set-up and tear-down.

Radius Plate


This radius plate is available in 1.5" and 2" and comes in a variety of finishes.

Heavy Chain


Our number 4 heavy chain comes in stainless steel, chrome and brass.

Rope Hook


Our standard rope hook is elegant and ideal for high usage areas.

Chain Snap


Our chain snap provides extra security and is available in stainless steel, chrome and brass.

Snap Rope Hook


Our 1.5" snap rope hook is also available in 1" and snaps easily for more security.

Nautical Chain Snap


Our nautical chain snap is available in a brass finish. 

Safety and Security Accessories

Trailer Mount


Allows fast and easy mounting of QuickMount™ to trailers.

Fork Lift Mount


For convenient attachment to forklifts. This device holds the QuickMount™ when not in use.

Adhesive Label "Safety Barricade"


Durable adhesive label for establishing location of retractable barricade on upright shelving units.

Adhesive Label "Keep Clear"


This label designates the location for a belt clip end when attaching to shelving unit. The label is pre-cut to accommodate shelving unit slots.


Add a personalized label to your Beltrac® system. If you would like your company's logo or a special message, we can design the layout for a perfect fit."

Belltrac® Wallmount Unit

The compact Beltrac® WallMount can be used to close off cash register stations and eliminate dangling chains and signs. It can be mounted in 3 directions and comes with a 7' belt span. Available in all Beltrac® finishes and belt colors.

Belltrac® Recessed Wall Unit

Mechanism is concealed within the wall with only a flush satin face plate exposed. 7' belt span.

Belltrac® 15 ft. Wallmount Unit

15-Foot Beltrac® WallMount is ideal for closing off wide corridors. Housing unit available in polished chrome or Lido-Tone® colors. Available in all belt colors. 

15 & 18 ft. Quickmount™

3016 3016/18
Designed for temporary mount conditions, such as warehouse shelving or trailer attachment, available with a 15' or 18' belt span.

15 & 18 ft. Fixedmount

3017 3017/18
Same unique system as QuickMount™, but for a permanent attachment.

Signage Accessories

Metal Swivel Sign Bracket


Our black metal swivel sign bracket allows for easy directional sign changes.

Metal Fixed Mount Sign Bracket


Connect our sign to our post with our durable black metal fixed mount sign brackets.

Literature Holder


Puts your 4" wide pamphlets right in line with your customers. Easily attaches to any Beltrac® post groove without fasteners. Available in a black finish only.


A wide variety of sign frame sizes and options are available.

Polish & Cement

Lido - Luster™


Lido-Luster™ metal polish cream should be used to re-polish uncoated brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Available in 6.33 oz. tubes and 16 oz. jars.

Lido-Weld™ Metal Contact Cement


Our line of flush fittings is designed to work with Lido-Weld™, as they feature a 1" long sleeve for great adhesive coverage.

Trash Receptacles

Ash/trash receptacle with sand cover and removable inner container.

Dia: 9"
Height: 22"
Capacity: 3 gallons
Weight: 13 lbs.
Finishes: Satin Alum., Polished Chrome, Polished Brass & Lido Tone
Dome top receptacle with self closing top and removable inner container.

8612/30S 8615/36S
8 gallons
16 gallons
19 lbs,
33 lbs.

Satin Alum. & Lido Tone®

Satin Alum., Satin Brass & Lido Tone®
Tip action receptacle with removable inner container.

8612/32TA 8615/33TA 8620/35TA
Dia: 12" 15" 20"
Height: 32" 33" 35"
Capacity: 12 gallons 16 gallons 33 gallons
Weight: 23 lbs. 35 lbs 42 lbs.
Satin Alum.& Lido Tone®
Satin Alum.& Lido Tone®

Satin Alum., Satin Brass & Lido Tone®

Funnel cover with removable inner container

8615/33F 8620/35F
15" 20"
33" 35"
16 gallons 33 gallons
35 lbs. 42 lbs.

Satin Alum., Satin Brass & Lido Tone®

Satin Alum., Satin Brass & Lido Tone®

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