Tamper- Proof Key Rings

Our Tamper-Proof Key Rings are made of industrial strength stainless steel and come in both solid and braided versions. Each version is available in five different diameter sizes. Every ring comes engraved with its own unique set of markings for identification purposes. This original string of numbers and letters serves as a tracking device for conducting audits on both the rings and their keys.

This permanent ID prevents someone from removing or substituting keys without your detection.  To close the ring, you use a closing tool to bring the two ends together, inserting one end of the ring inside the other; to secure and tighten the connection, you use a sealing tool. Rings that have been severed – to add, remove or replace keys and other assets – cannot be used again. A security feature in and of itself. This patented closing technique creates a permanent seal that is both smooth and flush with the ring. That’s important for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it’s more convenient. You get to use the whole ring for sorting and flipping through your keys without them bumping up against a “raised seal" – plastic sleeves other vendors use to secure keys on their rings.

Our rings are difficult to break by design. They use the highest tolerances possible to achieve the ultimate in yield, tensile, and sheer strength. It would take more than 800 pounds of force to break the stainless steel seal on one of our rings.  The other concern, of course, is safety. These raised seals do nothing to guarantee the security of your keys. In fact, they only jeopardize it. The point at which these plastic seals are applied automatically becomes the weak spot on the ring. Why? Because plastic can be broken. Combine that with rings you can pull apart by hand, and you’ve got a very unsafe method for securing your most important keys.
The only plastic we use on our rings are color-coded tags. We offer them as options in five different colors: red, orange, yellow, green and blue. They slip easily onto our rings to provide you with a bright, colorful marker for separating your keys by function, by area, or by user. They’re strictly ornamental, and they move around the ring with ease!

Keys aren’t the only things you can hang from one of our Tamper-Proof Key Rings. Any object whose use needs to be closely monitored – firearms, medical supplies, utility knives and prison shop tools – can be secured to our high-security rings. They provide an added layer of protection for your assets inside your Security Asset Managers and while in transit.
Our Tamper-Proof Key Rings are a popular security solution in prisons, casinos, colleges and universities, hospitals, office buildings, and residential complexes. 

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