Swap - Key Products

As the name implies, our Chit-Key products use a very simple but clever technique for ensuring the safe return of your master keys. Locks are paired up to operate in tandem. You insert a key in one lock to remove a second key from another lock. Other names for this include “swap-key technology,” “sequence lock,” and “leave a key to take a key.” Whatever name you give it, with one of our chit-key vaults, or multi-chit panels, you’ll never have to worry again about your master keys going missing or falling into the wrong hands.

We offer two standard chit-key vaults, but can customize the basic vault design to accommodate as many key positions as you need. The smaller of the two holds one key-pair position. The other model holds up to six key-pair positions. Both vaults are made of 18-gauge brushed stainless steel and use ¾ inch cam locks. The single-key vault weighs 1.5 lbs and measures 6" high X 3.75" wide X 3.75" deep. The six-key vault weighs 30 pounds and measures 13.375 " x 11.25" x 5". 

Your user key opens the door to the chit-key vault. Inside are two locking positions. The one on the left is empty. The one on the right holds the master key. Take the key you used to open the door and insert it into the empty lock. Now turn it to the right. That turning action does two things. It locks your user key in place and at the same time releases the master key. Remove the master key and use it to lock the door to the vault. Your user key is now locked inside the vault until you repeat the process to replace the master key (and to retrieve your user key). 
Our multi-chit panels also come in two sizes, a 50-key panel and a 20-key panel. These can also be customized to hold additional keys. Our panels are made of 16-gauge powder coated steel and use ¾ " cam locks. Without keys, the 20-key set panel weighs 12 lbs; the 50-key set panel weighs 30 lbs. 
The smaller panel measures 21" X 10.75" X 1.25". 
The 50-key panel measures 26" X 21" X 1.25". 
The locks on the multi-chit panels are paired up in rows to allow you to track 20 and 50 keys at a time.
As with our Security Asset Managers, your keys are secured on one of our Tamper-Proof Key Rings inside our chit-key vaults. Your keys on our chit-key panels are secured using Tamper-Evident Identification Tags. 
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