Security Asset Managers

Our SAMs represent the new standard in computerized asset-tracking systems. We combine sophisticated hardware electronics with a powerful software monitoring program to produce a security system that puts you in complete control of your surroundings. You decide who in your organization will have access to which assets, when, and for how long.

Our SAMs are tough, durable, charcoal-colored metal cabinets that use electronically-controlled doors to conceal keys and other assets hanging from “positions” inside on heavy-duty, stainless-steel panels. Each position is numbered and assigned to one or more users based on their need or authorization level. Next to each position is an LED indicator that lights up to show which key on the panel has been programmed to "release" for removal. 
The largest number of positions we put in one box is 96. The smallest is three.   But you’re not limited to 96. You can track as many keys as you want by adding extra cabinets until you get to your magic number. For example, if you want a system that tracks 344 keys, we would attach four 96-key cabinets together, and equip one of those cabinets with a “brain” to control and monitor the actions of all four. That brain takes the form of a keypad and is called the controller. 
This key pad controller takes its directions from KeyKeeper, our Windows-based software program that controls how the boxes operate and who they open for. The controller recognizes and responds to instructions from KeyKeeper that dictate how and when each SAM is to be accessed, and by whom. Each SAM “knows” which key or asset to release, and for how long, based on the identity of the user opening its door. The user’s identity is conveyed in one of four ways: through a unique PIN code, card swipe, hand print, or iris scan. 
One controller can manage up to 340 key or asset positions.  Assets come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as small as a door key or as large as a shotgun. Whatever the shape, size, and number of your assets, we’ve got a solution for you, and they all operate the same way.  Keys or other assets are electronically tethered inside a locked SAM. None of them can be retrieved without first punching in a pre-approved PIN code on the cabinet’s keypad. Assuming the PIN code is authorized, the door will open and “release” only those assets inside that have been programmed to unlock when this exact PIN code is entered. For example, a user may be accessing a SAM holding 32 different keys, but he’s authorized to retrieve only the keys numbered 4, 9, and 16. When he enters his PIN code, only those three keys will come unlocked from their tethers for removal; the other 29 keys remain locked in place. 
Or, you can configure the key box so he’s allowed to remove only one key at a time, even though he’s been given access 
to all three.
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