Laser Printing Software

Hedmanís InstaCheck is a comprehensive software package that enables users to format and laser print, on-demand, a wide variety of MICR coded checks and financial documents on blank stock, eliminating the cost and headaches of maintaining a pre-printed inventory of pertinent forms. The system incorporates all pertinent levels of software security protection. It is also ideal for statements, invoices, refunds, coupons and W2 tax forms.

  • Eliminate inventory costs and security problems of pre-printed check stock and similar forms with new InstaCheck(tm) software from Hedman.
  • Easy-to-use, InstaCheck allows you to print checks on-demand, from any account, without changing stock Ė savings of over 50% versus other systems.
  • Versatile design with multiple levels of security works equally well with PCs and network environments. Best of all, InstaCheck integrates seamlessly with most popular accounting software packages.

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