One Step Stand-Alone Check Disbursements Platform

The HE-1700 is a complete electronic check protector that writes monetary amounts on documents with font designs to prevent alteration. The unit is capable of imprinting signatures, protecting monetary amounts with four types of amount fonts, date, payee and payer information on checks and bank drafts. The HE-1700 also provides reporting capabilities for total audit control.

Maximum Security

  • Password option ensures access to printing function is limited to "authorized" personnel. Four security levels include:
    • Operator Level
    • Operator Level 2
    • Administrator
    • Executive
  • Reports written on 8-1/2 x 11-inch or A-4 paper, or can be loaded to floppy drive for easy storage. Reports include:
    • Transaction
    • Detailed Transaction
    • Operator
    • Summary by Account
    • Cash
    • Summary by Operator - Reports track all disbursement activities: date, operator (password active), check numbers, fees and amounts, as well as payee and payer information.
  • "VOIDS" documents and subtracts VOIDED amounts from report totals. Lists each "VOID" on specific reports.
  • Maximum amount limits by accounts and security levels.
  • Signature suppression limits (by account) based on customer requirements.
  • Prints monetary amount in graphics (numerals) in regular or reverse fonts, or in words.
  • Executive key/lock controls unauthorized access to system.
  • Access to signatures protected by electronic key.
  • Custom or standard Prefixes are available for added security and control.

Ease of Operation

  • Full alphanumeric keyboard and 10-key pad for easy operation and input of both numeric and alphabetical data.
  • Easy-to-read VGA monitor capable of mounting to either left or right side of unit, allows for verification of data before documents print. Standard 5-inch (13.9 cm) monitor. Optional 9-inch (17.8cm) monitor.
  • Clear menu-oriented prompts guide the operator smoothly through the data entry function.
  • Error message provides instant notification when required data is not entered. Cursor moves to exact area for quick data entry.


  • Up to 10 accounts.
  • Up to 25 operators.
  • Programmable prefix designations through keyboard.
  • Prints up to five different signatures which can be selected from various accounts.
  • Four miscellaneous fields allow user to customize document printing to fit individual requirements.
  • Fully keyboard programmable.
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