Continuous Form Document Imprinter

Over 40 billion computer-generated checks will be disbursed next year. What’s more, over 4 billion dollars in check fraud loses will be suffered. Why gamble when it’s so easy and inexpensive to protect your checks and your business? Simply link a small Hedman PC Checkwriter between your microcomputer and your dot matrix printer. With a Hedman PC Checkwriter in place, not only will your computer system produce checks as usual, but it will:

  • Sign them with anti-forgery signatures – Authorized signatures digitized, styled, and printed to defy forgery. Use single or multiple signatures, with or without executive titles.

  • Print dollar amounts that stifle alteration – Dollar amounts are printed in bold, enlarged, anti-alteration numerals. With "dols" and "cts" suffixes, numbers can’t be added in back either.

  • "Void" checks on authorized amounts – Set a dollar amount limit for each authorized signature. If it’s exceeded, the check is automatically voided. So are checks with missing dollar amounts.

  • Count checks for audit control – Track every disbursement. Keep count of every check produced for each account, in total and for given batch runs.

  • And a lot more...Including prefix protection allowing you to add your own customized prefix in front of the dollar amounts. Extra numbers can’t be inserted.

The Hedman PC Checkwriter allows you to get more from your present microcomputer system. It is a self-contained unit that comes pre-programmed with a variety of options, including:

  • Handle up to 4 accounts – Control disbursements by subsidiary or department. Process standard-size or voucher-style checks. Or sign letters, purchase orders, and other computer-generated forms.

  • Personalized prefixes – Use our standard ‘The Sum Of’ or ‘Exactly’ dollar amount prefixes. Or have prefixes customized with your company name, logo, or special account identifiers.

  • Wide signature selection – Use the same or different signatures for each account. Choose from four signature styles for letters or checks, and with or without titles and dollar-limit controls.

What’s more, the Hedman PC Checkwriter uses less than a foot of desk area. And it won’t interfere with other computer functions. Simply turn a key to engage or disengage it anytime.

You can product "complete" checks in half the time. Print, protect, sign, and count checks in one, non-stop operation. Do it as fast as your dot matrix printer performs.

  • Simple and Secure – Use the "Executive" key to access any of the four accounts. Or to lock the unit against unauthorized usage.

  • LCD Dual-Counter Display – Keeps a continuous "non-resettable" running count of every valid check processed for each account. Also provides a "Resettable" count of valid and voided checks produced in a batch run.

  • No Special Forms Needed – Dollar amounts and/or signatures will print where you specify – on any size continuous-form check, letter, or document your printer accommodates.

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