EDP 2000
Continuous Form Check Signer

  • Dependable Security
    • Dual key/lock controls provide maximum control over the imprinting function.
    • Signature Cover lock guards against unauthorized usage.
    • Non-resettable display audit counter keeps an accurate running count of all processed checks.
    • Resettable batch counter automatically counts each signed check for accurate batch totals.
    • Optional tri-color ink rolls provide added security to each impression.
    • Tamper proof screws.

    Ease of Operation

    • Transports keep continuous form checks securely aligned.
    • Imprint plate loading is made easy by Hedmanís exclusive latch-load plate holder.
    • Signs 240 checks a minute, counts, stack and secures them in one easy process.


    • Easily adapts to checks in various weights with vouchers on the top, bottom or side.
    • Signature selector has a lock in position for 3 Ĺ" conventional checks or for 7" voucher style check signing.
    • Side by side dual signature system is available.
    • A variety of imprint designs can be utilized ranging from signatures to seals with an assortment of backgrounds and text for any application. 

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