Building upon the modular features of SB2000, our SC2001 series of carousels provide you with flexibility, protection and customer comfort.

The carousels are designed to create an atmosphere of "seculsion" for your players, while at the same time providing you with the ability to reconfigure the carousel bases. Unlike the normal carousels where the bases, tops and pies are all one unit; the SC2001 carousels may be quickly and easily disassembeled.

Doors - all doors are full overlay doors with no unsightly hinge visible. The 2 and 3 door models use heavy duty european hinges, while the 1 door model utilizes our "hingeless" system. Standard doors are flat panel doors with a chamfered edge. They are covered with thermoplastic to eliminate the exposed edges inherent in laminate doors.

Kicks - the kicks have the same chamfered edge as the doors and are covered with the same thermoplastic. Like the doors, the kicks are replaceable.

Shelves - the full width shelves are held in place using "magic wire". The shelves are designed to allow full access to the bottom of the base, while maintaining complete security.

Tops - Standard tops have a solid 3" bullnose, and are covered in high pressure laminate to match the doors and kicks. As part of our service we machine the power and coin drop holes for your specific games. We recommend the use of the Plastinetics drop chutes. Tops are replaceable and can be moved with your game.

Special Pies - The Special Pies used to fill the space between bases are set slightly back and down from the bases. This has a two-fold purpose: (a) to minimize potential damage. Finished with the same thermoplastic as the doors and kicks, they have radiused edges to remove the likely-hood of chipping; (b) to create the illusion for your players that they are secluded from by standers and other players.


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