DI-470SS Series Stainless Steel Weight Indicator

The DI-470SS Digital Indicator delivers the flexibility of being paired with many different remote platforms. Designed for check weighing, the DI-470SS provides precise over/under weighing with a high internal resolution of 1/600,000 counts. Enhancing operator recognition, the 15-element DIGI-BAR graph shows target values in red for low, green for okay, and yellow for high. In addition, the internal set point alarm can be programmed to sound when weights are within or outside of tolerance settings.

Constructed of 100% stainless steel and rated IP46, the DI-470SS provides exceptional protection in harsh environments. Set points can be entered simply as weights, or as a percentage of the target weight, eliminating calculation errors. Standard unit selections include lb, kg, oz and gram.

DI-470SS Stainless Steel Weight Indicator
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