DC-200/300 Series Counting Scale

With an internal resolution of 1,000,000, the DC-200/300 Series counting scales provide precision and accuracy to any counting application. A bright dot matrix LCD display enables operators to easily view quantities, and a second line of alphanumeric text messaging displays operator prompts and part numbers to enable job sequencing. 5000 item memory, three standard RS-232 interfaces and Ethernet connectivity enable the DC-200/300 Series to provide real-time data collection and position it for future growth of your business.

For counting on the go, the DC-200 offers true portability with an internal battery offering up to 30 hours of operation. The DC-300ís built-in direct thermal printer instantaneously generates labels, and allows you to produce reports such as item, inventory and shelf location. Its ninety-nine custom label formats provide the flexibility to create labels containing only the information needed for each application.

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