DeLaRue Coin Sorter/Counter MACH® 12 PLUS

The De La Rue MACH 12 PLUS is a fast, accurate, high speed coin sorter/counter equipped with heavy duty sorting components, making it the perfect choice for large volume coin processing applications.

Fast, Efficient and Reliable

With a processing speed of up to 6,000 coins per minute, the MACH 12 PLUS is one of the fastest coin sorter/counters available. The MACH 12 PLUS is capable of sorting up to nine denominations of coins/tokens. With its extra large tilting inspection pan, holding up to 10,000 coins, coupled with its unique auto-feed system, the MACH 12 PLUS enhances productivity and efficient coin processing.

Multiple Functionality

The MACH 12 PLUS is easily adaptable for any high volume application. The Management Information Control System (MICS) option provides three levels of memory and allows other media to be entered, such as checks and rolled coin and notes, thus ensuring a comprehensive audit trail. Utilizing the four standard RS232 ports, the MACH 12 PLUS can interface to other cash settlement systems and peripheral equipment such as currency counters, enabling complete cash reconciliation.

Easy to Use

An easy to read, blue backlit graphic display provides clear function status and operational messages. Selectable bags tops, batch and grand totals are easily accessed via the direct keypad. Full travel keys provide for quick and easy data entry. The MACH 12 PLUS’ ergonomic design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, allowing the unit to fit into any work environment. With few moving parts and simplified electronics, the MACH 12 PLUS is easy to maintain. De La Rue Cash Systems coin and currency processing products are the direct result of over 100 years experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of world class cash handling solutions. Worldwide service and support is provided through De La Rue Cash Systems’ network of branch offices and authorized distributors.

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