DeLaRue Currency/Document Counter 8672
The De La Rue 8672 is a fast, heavy duty desktop currency and document counter that provides note-specific authentication at speeds of up to 1,750 notes per minute.

Fast, Efficient and Reliable

The 8672 provides fast and accurate processing of currency and other documents, such as checks. With a choice of three throughput speeds, the 8672 adapts automatically to individual note characteristics to ensure more constant counting, and is ideal for high volume note processing environments.

Easy to Use

The large LCD display and touch pad places the control of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. The wide document loading and removal trays ensure fast, efficient processing.


The 8672 utilizes minimal counter space and fits into any currency processing environment. Because of its convenient size, the 8672 can be easily transported.

Multiple Functionality and Options

Rogue note detection by height (SD) is standard. With note specific counterfeit detection options and three levels of totals, the 8672 is suitable for use in cash centers, large retail operations and commercial deposit proofing and preparing centers. Utilizing the optional RS232 serial port, the 8672 can interface to other cash settlement systems and peripheral equipment, such as coin sorters, enabling complete cash reconciliation.


The 8672 is available with a wide choice of counterfeit detection options, including: UV – Checks note paper for fluorescence CDA – Counterfeit detection that measures the presence of magnetic ink MTD – Checks for the presence of metal thread De La Rue Cash Systems coin and currency processing products are the direct result of over 100 years experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of world class coin processing machines. Worldwide service and support is provided through De La Rue Cash Systems’ network of branch offices and authorized distributors. 

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