DeLaRue Currency Counter 

The high performance 8643 desktop currency counter provides fast, efficient processing of currency of all conditions, from new to very poor quality.

Fast, Efficient Processing

The Brandt 8643's superior feed performance ensures high speed currency processing. The continuous feed mechanism makes for smooth running and quiet operation at speeds from 500 to 1,500 notes per minute. The 8643 can be used to count and batch notes or display the value of notes counted. Note count, denomination value and total value of currency counted are shown simultaneously.

Counterfeit Detection

Optional magnetic counterfeit detection aid ensures that a high percentage of counterfeit notes are detected.

Easy to Use

With a clear LED display and full travel keys, the 8643 is extremely user friendly. The built-in carry handle ensures the machine can be carried from one location to another with ease.


Utilizing the standard RS232 serial port, the 8643 can interface to a PC for efficient deposit reconciliation. De La Rue Cash Systems coin and currency processing products are the direct result of 100 years experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of world class cash handling solutions. Worldwide service and support is provided through De La Rue Cash Systemsí network of branch offices and authorized distributors. 

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