DeLaRue Coin Counter 749/CC1

The De La Rue 749/CC1 is a compact, single denomination coin counter.

Fast, Efficient Throughput

The 749/CC1 is a tabletop coin counter that can reduce coin processing times by accurately counting up to 2,000 coins per minute. With continuous count for verification purposes, the 749/CC1 can accumulate the number of coins counted into several batches, increasing operator productivity.


Utilizing minimal counter space, the 749/CC1 fits into any coin processing environment. With a folding hinged coin tray cover, the 749/CC1 is easily stored and transported.

Easy to Use

The 749/CC1 is easy to operate with little to no training required. With its compact, modular design, the 749/CC1 is also easy to service and maintain.

Multiple Functionality

In addition to counting into bags, the 749/CC1 can wrap coins into tubes. Programmable bag stops allow bags/tubes to be filled with up to 9,999 coins for complete processing flexibility. The 749/CC1 is able to count a specific denomination within a mixed batch of coin. Smaller coins are discharged to the off-sort slot, which can be filled with a cup or bagging attachment. De La Rue Cash Systems coin and currency processing products are the direct result of 100 years experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of world class cash handling solutions. Worldwide service and support is provided through De La Rue Cash Systemsí network of branch offices and authorized distributors. 

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