DeLaRueCurrency Counter2650

The intelligent De La Rue 2650 desktop currency counter provides multiple detection options for maximum flexibility. An extensive choice of counterfeit and size detectors means that the sophisticated 2650 blends quality and technology.

Fast, Efficient and Reliable

The 2650's superior feed mechanism ensures the ultimate in fast, efficient and reliable currency processing. With throughput rates from 600 to 1500 bills per minute, the 2650 handles the widest range of note qualities with ease, ensuring notes from mint to very poor condition are processed consistently. De La Rue’s unique patented Doubles Detect technology discerns if notes are stuck together, damaged or folded. This mechanism ensures the high accuracy of notes counted


The 2650 is available with a wide choice of counterfeit and size detection options. These include: UV - uses ultraviolet to check currency paper authenticity (nine sensitivity levels) EMG - examines notes for the properties of electromagnetic ink properties In addition, two advanced size detection options provide a rigorous check for incorrect denominations in a bundle. SD - identifies currency of different heights 3D - identifies currency of different heights or lengths Compact and robust, this machine is simple to use, incorporating an automatic start facility and a clear, touch-sensitive control panel.


All 2650 models can count by value, displaying the worth of the notes processed. There are six preset batch stops; non-standard batch sizes and speeds can be selected via the numeric keypad to suit individual requirements. The chosen configuration can then be saved in memory and restored when the counter is switched on for maximum efficiency.

Easy to Use

With a one key touch-sensitive controlling operation, the 2650 is very simple to use, incorporating an automatic start function and touch sensitive control. The 2650’s auto-start ability ensures that counting begins as soon as bills are placed in the hopper. There is no need to press the key for each new count.


The 2650 utilizes minimal counter space and fits into any currency processing environment. Because of its convenient size, the 2650 can be easily transported from desk to desk. An optional RS232 port is available on all models to allow data transfer to a PC for efficient cashing-up and reconciliation procedures for financial institutions and retail stores. De La Rue Cash Systems coin and currency processing products are the direct result of 100 years experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of world class cash handling solutions. Worldwide service and support is provided through De La Rue Cash Systems’ network of branch offices and authorized distributors. 

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