DeLaRueCurrency Counter 2010

The high performance De La Rue 2010 currency counter provides fast an accurate processing of currency, vouchers and coupons of all conditions, from new to very poor quality.

Fast, Efficient and Reliable

The De La Rue 2010's superior feed performance ensures high speed currency processing. The continuous feed mechanism makes for quick document throughput at the speed of more than 1,000 notes per minute.


The 2010 can be used to batch and count notes. In the batch mode, notes are counted to one of a number of pre-set batch sizes. Once this number is reached, the machine stops and the bundle is removed. The machine then automatically starts on the next batch. In the count mode, notes are continuously counted, providing the output tray is regularly cleared. De La Rue's unique patented Doubles Detect technology discerns if notes are stuck together, damaged or folded. This mechanism ensures notes are counted with the high accuracy. The 2010's auto-start ability ensures that counting begins as soon as notes are placed in the input hopper. There is no need to press the key for each new count.

Easy to Use

With a single touch sensitive key controlling operation, the 2010 is very simple to use. The 2010's large LED display is simplicity itself, making the machine suitable for a wide range of environments where accurate document counting is required, such as financial institutions, retail cash offices, casinos, auction houses, sales offices, transport companies and vending machine cashiers.


The 2010 utilizes minimal counter space and fits into any currency processing environment. Because of its convenient size, the 2010 can be easily transported from desk to desk. De La Rue Cash Systems coin and currency processing products are the direct result of over 100 years experience in design, manufacturing and distribution of world class processing machines. Worldwide service and support is provided through De La Rue Cash Systemsí network of branch offices and authorized distributors. 

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