System Components

Check image technology has created a challenge to satisfy requirements to develop a disaster recovery plan that meets all required tests and would insure minimal disruption in a bank's operation in the event of an actual disaster.

Components available from DataLink, Inc.:

  • Disaster Recovery test centers
  • Tracking System which ensures completion of required events
  • Compliance Tool to minimize exceptions to requirements
  • Reporting Solution for identification of policy or procedural exceptions
  • Tickler File for creating event-driven notices and worksheets
  • Document Imaging solution for fast access to vital information


Flexibility in Design

Local test centers

DataLink's approach to disaster recover allows you to take advantage of item capture test centers which have been strategically located to give you convenient access for testing and availability in the event of an actual requirement to use the facility.

Software and Host Independent

DataLink's approach to disaster recovery allows you to take advantage of the facilities available to you, regardless of your item capture software or your host software provider.


DataLink's tracking software insures that event requirements are tracked, notices are sent when an event is required, results are sent to you upon completion, and any exceptions are reported.

Document Imaging

DataLink provides a document image solution as part of the disaster recovery process which allows remote access to items captured at the test center, access to customer documentation such as the customer's disaster recovery plan, and maintains all documentation for test results.

A Disaster Recovery System designed to solve compliance problems and create significant cost savings

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