Image Retrieval

"Will I have flexibility when looking for a document?"

DataManager allows you to search by:

  • Customer
    First Name
    Last Name
    Business Name
    Tax ID
    CIF #
    DL #
  • Account
    Account #
    Account Type
  • Document
    Document Name
    Document Note
    Document Type 


Hardware Requirements

"Will the system work with my existing hardware?"


  • Data Manager is Browser Based
  • PC's must have Internet Explorer® 5.5 or higher
  • Your Network has to be Windows NT® 4.0 Server or Windows 2000® Server

"What will I need in addition to my existing PC's and Network?"

We recommend the following minimum requirements:

  • Scanner
    We recommend a Canon® 3060 duplex scanner with auto feed.
  • Bar Code Label Printer
    We recommend a Blaster Advantage® Bar Code Label Printer.
  • Storage PC
    Disk space requirements depend on the number of loan files you plan to store on the system. In addition you will need to back up files and archive files on permanent media such as a CD.

"What's the catch?"

You have to buy DataLink's BankTrack Document Tracking and Automatic Indexing System in addition to the DataManager document imaging software.

BankTrack System Features

  • Scans the Documents
  • Automatically Indexes the Documents
  • Interfaces with Your Host Software
Provides Complete Document Tracking
Automatically Creates Notices
Comprehensive Reporting


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