The Solution for Cost Savings

BankTrack is an automated document tracking system designed to solve compliance problems and create significant cost savings.

What documents are required? – Who provides the documents? – Have they all been received? – Are they filed and accessible? – When are follow-up documents or collateral required? – Have all notices been prepared and sent?


Insures Compliance and Eliminates Manual Data Entry

Compliance is built into the BankTrack solution. Your required documents become the start of the tracking process. The printed documents include a bar code that contains account and document identification data. Should the documents not include a bar code identifier, BankTrack creates the bar code label to be attached to the document. When the document is received, it is scanned and BankTrack recognizes the bar code data and matches it to the database information that was captured when the document was prepared. BankTrack sends the scanned image and related index information to the document-imaging module for archiving, research, and retrieval.


Exception Reporting and Life-of-Loan Tracking

BankTrack automatically registers receipt of document, detects any unfulfilled tickler requirements, creates reports detailing exceptions and prepare notices for life-of-loan document and collateral tracking. Custom designed reports may be viewed on-line or printed.

Flexibility in Design

BankTrack’s design allows the user to define document lists in any combination providing a complete document profile for each loan type and establishes a tickler file to insure that all documents are received and electronically scanned.

BankTrack’s databases handles large volumes of loans, documents, and activities within a distributive environment. It may be deployed on any workstation at a central site or branch location. BankTrack provides the ability to central loan administration and allows compliance standards to be established and controlled.

Automatic delivery of customer notices that are custom tailored to your bank insures highly efficient administration.

Adaptability to Your Existing Systems

BankTrack is highly adaptable and may be interfaced to your loans and/or new accounts origination system, to your document imaging system, and to your host or core processor. BankTrack maintains separate databases for loan administration, indexes documents using various bar code formats and creates customer notices tailored to your bank.

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