The 'International Payments Document Management System' - Returns module is designed to automate the input, edit/verification, balancing, client notification and service charging, storage and retrieval of Returned Items.
IPDMS Returns supports financial transaction processing in both American &  Canadian currencies.  Processing functions include Adjustments, Suspense's, Conversions, Pending Items, Regular Items, and Currency Switches.
Client Profiles can be customized to control Fax creation, Limit and Service / Advice charges fees and permission to perform currency conversions.  Advices are automatically printed containing the specifics of a returned item including Advice or Service charges.
Delay Letters can be manually or automatically issued to inform clients of returns that have been delayed beyond the normal return item processing time.
Send clients wires or faxes consisting of a cover letter, check, envelope and attachment images, advice slips or permit the Phone Call Manager to issue a courtesy call request to inform a client of the status of a returned item
Retrieved images and data can be printed or faxed, with images of retrieved items (checks, envelopes and/or attachments) while On-line Statement Detail Reporting allows clients to view same-day and recent statement details, including images of checks, envelops and attachments over the internet in 'real- time'.

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