The IPDMS Drafts module is designed to automate the input, balancing, encoding, storage, network and web retrieval of both qualified and unqualified draft items in addition to performing Payment and Stop Payment requests.

To start process Draft items, a batch is first created by defining total value and quantity of the items to be scanned.  The front & back of each draft is scanned and the appropriate MICR and OCR information is captured along with the images.  For ‘unqualified drafts’ (drafts where the account number is unknown), a pixel level pattern analysis (Image Recognition) of each image is performed. The image recognition results are then used by the system to determine the correct account number for each unqualified draft.  All captured images and corresponding information are used to populate index fields which are then edit/verified to ensure accuracy.  The batch is balanced as required and MICR encoding is added to any un-encoded items.  All relevant data and images are archived to the Central Repository for availability via local or Internet retrieval. 


Advise of Issuance checking:   The system is also capable of checking that a legitimate ‘Advise of Issuance’ (approval to pay a draft item) exists for each draft, in addition to performing Signature Validation, Stale Dating and forced visual verification of amounts over a predefined value.  Stop payments will be automatically executed for non-conforming draft items.


Stop Payment Requests:   The Drafts system can receive and execute incoming Stop Payment Requests for physical drafts items that may or may not yet have been received in-system.  Client’s issuing stop payment requests can be advised via various message vehicles whether the stop can be successfully processed or if the Draft has already been paid.

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