Contact Innovations' ImageStatement Extract is designed to permit the provide the necessary statement details and image required for creation of image enabled client statements. ImageStatement Extract is used in conjunction with IA Check (Limited or Professional) and your financial institution’s existing client statements to extract archived items (images & data), then to package and transfer such archived items to a third party printer for statement printing and mailing.

Just think, no more handling, sorting, filing or storage of client checks and the ‘in-house’ manual process of folding, stuffing and mailing of client statements has been eliminated!


ImageStatement Extract quickly and simply guides the user through the following steps to generate Image Statements:

  Import source files:. This step produces a listing of client accounts to be processed.
  Analyze source files: determines the number of check items present for each account listed.
  Compare the source files: to image and data information stored in ImageArchive.
  Extract copies images and data to a queue for export to a third party printer.
  Transfer images and data: over the Internet to a remote host via FTP or to a network location.
  Generate reports: indicating the status of all processing of each file extracted and transferred.

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