Designed specifically to meet American and Canadian check processing standards, IA Remittance provides easy-to-use, automated services for scanning, endorsing, archiving and retrieving Remittance (Lockbox) transactions, consisting of checks/remittance items and batch slips. The increased speed, efficiency and accuracy provided by IA Remittance translate into time and cost savings, improved customer service, and increased user-satisfaction.

The Process Control window graphically displays the real-time status of all batches. Ffrom -Scan, OCR Recognition, Edit/Verify, Batch Listing to MICR/OCR file Exportation are initiated and monitored from the Process Control window.
The Scan module utilizes the TellerScan or Panini Image/MICR Scanners for check and remittance image capture. Front/back image and MICR line data are captured and endorsed in a single pass then sorted into separate pockets.
After scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing is performed on the remittance image and the OCR line results are saved.  Optional check digit routines can also be performed to validate captured information.
Edit/Verify permits key entry of date not captured by MICR and/or OCR reads. Zooming and image rotation allow for unparalleled image accessibility. 
Batch Listings can be printed listing individual items and batch totals . If desired, extract files can be created, for import into other applications.  
Archived transactions can be immediately searched and retrieved or written to CD for offline storage requirements.

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