ImageFax is a check based document imaging application providing streamlined services for check verification of selected or exception items. The program incorporates scan, MICR recognition, edit/verification, and multi-line fax communications capabilities to permit branch level signature and item detail verification of check items.
    ImageFax was designed to eliminate the administrative headaches and costs associated with other signature verification systems which require a centralized repository of all client signature cards.  By utilising ImageFax, signatures are verified at the branch location, where client signature cards are created and maintained.   This is an important consideration for several key reasons:
  the administration and inherent costs of implementing and maintaining a centralized signature card repository are not required.
  signature cards need never leave the branch, so they can be updated with new signatures and referenced by tellers as required.
  no new capital costs are required at the branch location for implementation and all related courier costs are eliminated.

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