This powerful application enables Banks, Credit Unions and other Financial Departments to enhance the quality and speed of MICR encoding checks by providing an enhanced method of endorsing and encoding MICR data on items previously verified, balanced and listed.
  IA Encode is a added-value module that seamlessly integrates with our IA Professional, Limited, Proof or Remittance processing packages or can be used on its own as a standalone module.
  To begin encoding multiple items, the operator simply places the un-encoded checks into the feeder, confirms a correctly displayed check image/amount for each item, then selects the encode button.  MICR encoding is automatically applied to each check.
  Encoders equipped with front-end MICR readers; like the Panini S1, can use the 'Power Encode' feature to pre-read and automatically encode & sort items without the need for operator intervention.
  Item listings and Batch Summary reports provide comprehensive details on all processed items
  Supports encoders from Maverick Int. and Panini Corporation. As always, we are happy to integrate alternative encoders.

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