Sorter Model DS9100

Cashscan Corp. is proud to announce the long awaited release of our Model DS9100 High Speed Desktop Currency Sorter.

The DS9100 is a multi-function desktop sorter that verifies, sorts, batches, counts, records serial numbers, does facing and orientation, as well as fitness testing. These functions can be run individually or combined for a true one-pass solution to today's currency handling requirements. The DS9100 is programmable to process multiple currencies on a single unit.

The base model of the DS9100 consists of a 4 pocket + reject pocket configuration that has a throughput of over 24,000 notes per hour. You can also configure the DS9100 in an 8 pocket + 1 reject pocket configuration by adding a 4 pocket module to the base unit. This add-on module is expected to become available in mid-2004. Please download the brochure for a complete list of functions and specifications.

The DS9100 comes with a complete array of interfaces that will allow you to easily integrate it into your existing cash management solution.

The DS9100 is setting the standard for a cost-efficient, high speed, multiple function desktop sorter.

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